Substation Electrical Install (2011)

Los Angeles County, CA

Substation Electrical Install (2011)

Project Type:
66kV, 16kV
Los Angeles County, CA
  • Install one (1) 66/16kV transformer and two (2) distribution lines.
  • Install three (3) 16kV MVAR capacitor banks with three (3) single phase reactors, 16kV vacuum switch, three (3) 16kV 2000/5 CTs and three (3) fuse disconnect switches.
  • Relocate dead end structure and install three (3) station class surge arrestors.
  • Install automation for new upgraded equipment (SAS).
  • Install new low profile 16kV switchrack with one (1) bus tie position, one (1) bus paralleling position, seven (7) line positions and one (1) transfer bus position. Install two (2) operating buses and one (1) transfer bus with 3.5” IPS heavy duty aluminum. Install jack bus, disconnects, primary conductor, pull boxes and grounding.
  • Install Station Light and Power.
  • Pull all home run cables and provide all secondary wiring.

Subcontracted Work:
Foundation installation and removal. Underground conduit and grounding.

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