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Big projects, small projects, we’ve seen them all. With over 45 years of experience in not only construction, but relay testing and the commissioning of new equipment, you can depend on us to offer a complete and comprehensive approach to all your substation and energy storage needs.

Roberson Waite Electric is a union company signatory to IBEW Local 47. We are members of Associated General Contractors of California and California Energy Storage Alliance

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Self-Performing Turnkey Approach

We provide our customers with a self-performed turnkey solution that is transparent and safe. Our unrivalled expertise ranges from electrical to civil construction, wiring, in-service testing, and beyond. Our experienced, self-performing team adds flexibility, guaranteeing that the customer’s project experience meets the highest standard of excellence.

What does this mean for you? Less time and headaches managing multiple subcontractors on any given project and a faster, more efficient turnaround time.

Quality of Work

We want our customers to get what they pay for. RWE guarantees our work: if it’s not done to the customer’s standards, we’ll fix it for free making us an industry leader in quality. Even if we get it wrong, you can be confident the product turns out right.

Proven Process for Projects

Trusted Partner

We focus on project success and have a niche for Solving Powerful Problems to deliver what is best for the customer. Our self-performing team follows the Proven Process for every project to leverage collaboration and expertise to deliver quality workmanship and customer satisfaction while continuously improving.



Safety is our #1 priority because we want people to make it home every day to their families and personal lives.


We guarantee our work. If it’s not built to the customer’s standards, we’ll fix it for free!


We understand that cutting corners is not an option. We meet our project deadlines with effective planning, meticulous coordination, and unrivaled adaptability.


We work as a team by effectively communicating, being supportive of one another, and building team cohesion.


Integrity is the thread that ties our core values together. It is essential that our team members are honest and act with strong moral principles.
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