Timoteo Substation

Redlands, CA

Timoteo Substation

Southern California Edison
  • Replace two (2) 15kVA station light and power transformer banks with new 25kVA transformer banks, one (1) set of porcelain insulators with polymer insulators, and one (1) set of 12kV fused disconnect switches with one (1) 15E and two (2) 7E S&C type SM-5 power fuses, fuse holders, and mountings. Replace conductors from the 12kV fused disconnect switches to the 12kV bus and to the station light and power transformer banks, station light and power low side conductors to three-phase AC panel SP1, and install bollards and plastic barrier chain below SL&P fused disconnects.
  • Remove the main floor relay panels, RTU cabinet, local alarm cabinet, and AC/DC combo panel in the Mechanical Electrical Equipment Room and install eight (8) new 19-inch steel relay racks, one (1) new annunciator rack equipped with three (3) SEL- 2522 annunciator panels and one (1) Arbiter GPS clock, two (2) new DAQ RTU racks, one (1) new EPAC rack, one (1) new 120/240V single-phase AC panel SP2, one (1) new 125V DC panel DP1. Provide new homerun cables to all new relay racks.
  • Install three (3) three-phase digital ammeters and associated fuses and switches for 12kV bus parallel and two (2) 12kV Capacitor Banks on existing relay panel including auxiliary alarm relays, five (5) new digital multi-function meter and two (2) digital neutral ammeters on existing relay panels including auxiliary alarm relays and associated fuses and switches for two (2) transformer banks, three (3) 66kV lines, and one (1) potential selector switch, and two (2) new sudden pressure lockout relay for two (2) Transformer Banks.
  • Connect all analog points to new RTU via the new multi-function meters and ammeters with an RS-485 loop. The two (2) 12kV bus volts shall be connected as hard wire through the existing volt transducers. Update EMS database in accordance with new RTU installation.
  • Install one (1) new GPS antenna on the outside wall of the MEER with a new pull box installed on the inside wall.

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