Terrace Substation

Los Angeles, CA

Terrace Substation

Southern California Edison
  • Remove two (2) 16kV CB foundations, over excavate, re-compact and install two (2) new 16kV CB foundations including associated conduits and grounding.
  • Add two (2) steel channels and modify existing rack as needed to install two (2) new SL&P transformers.
  • Remove and replace three (3) existing fused disconnects.
  • Install new AC foundation and AC panel.
  • Install one (1) under-voltage relay, timing relay and stop start at existing rack.
  • Remove two (2) existing SL&P transformers as well as fused disconnects.
  • Remove approximately 3100 sqft of asphalt paving and base and replace with 3100 sqft of 3” asphalt paving over 6” of class 2 base.
  • Scarify paving subgrade 8” and re-compact to 90%.

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