Substation Build (2023)

Los Angeles County, CA

Substation Build (2023)

Project Type:
Civil, Electrical, Test
12kV, 66kV
Los Angeles County, CA
  • Install temporary fence, grade areas, install one (1) 24″X24″ pre-cast Jensen Catch Basin with traffic rated steel grading, construct 4″ thick asphalt concrete pavement over 8″ Class 2 compacted aggregate base, over 18″ compacted subgrade. Install 4″ thick rock surfacing throughout.
  • Construct 8′ high Perimeter Block Wall and Gates. Install ‘Castle Spikes’. Construct two (2) 22′ wide double swing gate.
  • Install new Switchrack Wall pack LED Light Fixtures. Ground new MEER building.
  • Install and equip new 66kV Switchrack as a Ring-Bus configuration for new 66kV Line. Install four (4) GE 72.5kV, 125VDC, 2000A, 40kV Circuit Breakers. Install six (6) 72kV Surge Arresters. Install four (4) 66kV Line Potential Transformers. Install eight (8) 66kV, 2000A, HOGO, Vertically-Mounted, Group-Operated Disconnect Switches. Install one (1) 240V, 120/240V, three-phase, 4-wire, 250A bus, fully rated, service entrance rated AC Station Service Switchboard SPI.
  • Install two (2) new ABB 66/12kV, 16.8/22.4/28MVA,ONAN/ONAF/ONAF Transformer Bank Units. Install six (6) 12kV LAs. Connect 12kV Switchrack to 66kV Switchrack.
  • Install two (2) Mitsubishi Type 12DV25-20-F, 17.5 kV, 125V DC, 2000A, 25 kA CBs, (18) 12kV, 2000A, single-phase, hookstick-operated disconnect switches, four (4) 12000/5, 8.7kV Neutral Current Transformers (CTs), six (6) 7200-120V Revenue Metering PTs, six (6) 1200/5A Revenue Metering CTs, six (6) 12/5A Metering CTs, six (6) 12kV LAs, one (1) 48″ x 36″ x 10″ Customer Interface Cabinet.
  • Install four (4) 12kV, 25kVA, 12000-120/240V Distribution Transformers for SL&P, one (1) 120/240V, 3 phase, 4-wire, 150A, service entrance rated, 30KAIC Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), two (2) 42″ x 38″ x 18″ Revenue Metering Cabinets – with two (2) 4-wire, wye-connected meters.
  • Test 66kV Circuit Breaker CT’s.
  • Performing Power Factor, Megger and TTR on 66kV Line PT’s.

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