Lugo Substation

Hesperia, CA

Lugo Substation

Southern California Edison
  • Installation of one (1) 15’x30’ ATS Foundation, 1000’ of six (6) 5” PVC Duct Bank, two (2) three-phase 1000A ATS
  • Pull and terminate all associated power cables.
  • Demo 1S SL&P and 2S SL&P.
  • Demo existing 1S SL&P and 2S SL&P foundations.
  • Install two (2) vaults for SL&P pad mounted transformers including all associated conduits and grounding.
  • Install primary and secondary cables for SL&P transformers.
  • Install new ATS foundation including eight (8) 5” PVC duct banks.
  • Install two (2) three-phase 1000A rated ATS #1 and #2.
  • Install SPC panel and wire from ATS switches.
  • Pull secondary cables from 1S SL&P and 2S SL&P from main CB to ATS switches.
  • All work done under OSHA confined space entry rules.

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