Lighthipe Substation

Long Beach, CA

Lighthipe Substation

Southern California Edison
12kV, 22kV, 66kV
  • Install new MEER foundation with EMP Aluminum Skirt.
  • Install new SL&P foundations (precast and cast in place).
  • Install thirty-five (35) new Switchrack foundations with all associated below grade conduit, manholes and grounding.
  • Install all SL&P equipment, temp connections to new pad mount transformers, and all 66kV switch rack equipment.
  • Install new MEER building (built by others), new batteries, and connect new MEER to new SL&P.
  • Install new AC and DC panels in the 12kV, 66kV and 22kV racks and new F35 relay rack in the new MEER.
  • Install new control cable trench (pre-cast and cast in place), new drainage system, and new sump pumps.
  • Install RGBs, temp jumpers from old 66kV rack to new 66kV rack, and asphalt pavement.
  • Install telecom tower footing.
  • Install Temp. Fencing between new and existing 66kV Switchracks (with grounding).
  • Pothole and relocate existing water line for the new 66kV rack.

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Lighthipe Substation

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