Lennox Substation

Inglewood, CA

Lennox Substation

Southern California Edison
66kV, 4kV
  • Replace existing 16/4kV single-phase bank units with new 16/4kV 8/5/10mva 3-phase bank unit.
  • Install one (1) new automatic transfer switch, remove and replace existing 4kV DC box with new D03.
  • Replace existing 1590 KCMIL conductor for the 66kV operating bus, remove and replace the existing 66kV operating bus pts with three (3) new pts, replace the existing 1590 KCMIL conductor for 66kV transfer bus.
  • Remove and replace existing 66kV operating and transfer bus disconnects, replace all primary conductors and post insulator conductor support.
  • Remove and replace existing CB with new 1200A CB, remove and replace existing 66kV line PT with one (1) new PT.

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