Ellis Substation

Huntington Beach, CA

Ellis Substation

Southern California Edison
220kV, 66kV
  • Installation of 66kV Circuit Breakers, Gang-Operated Disconnect Switches, Horizontal Disconnect Switches, 66kV Operating and Transfer Busses, Line PT’s, all associated conductoring and grounding.
  • Remove and replace three (3) 220/66kV Transformer Banks, including all associated primary conductoring, secondary wiring, and grounding.
  • Install one (1) 18’x 12’x 8’ vault with manhole.
  • Encase and slurry eight (8) 5” PVC conduits form power cable trench to new vault (400’).
  • Encase and slurry nine (9) 5” PVC conduits form new vault to fence line (400’).
  • Rock Dust 100’ x 80’ area to meet SCE standards.

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