Eagle Rock Substation

Eagle Rock, CA

Eagle Rock Substation

Southern California Edison

220kV/66kV Transformer Area

  • Remove all eroded material from around the 220kV/66kV transformer bank, under the radiators, and control cable trench.
  • Remove eroded soil above bank area and lay out sand bags from handrail to slope.
  • Lay out sand bags inside old cable trench above the transformer to prevent mud from sliding down to the transformer.
  • Remove all eroded soil around the old bank foundation area.

66kV Switchrack

  • Backfill the erosion around and under water drainage, from upper 66kV switchrack to lower 66kV switchrack.
  • Remove all wood planks along the slope, except for the bottom planks.
  • Regrade slope and install netting.
  • Repair/replace bottom planks as necessary.
  • Remove all eroded soil and stockpile near 66kV Cap Rack area.

Access Road to 220kV Switchrack

  • Remove all debris on roadway up the hill to the 220kV switchrack.
  • Haul off existing stockpile of dirt by 220kV switchrack.
  • Set sandbags from top of 220kV access road down approx. 120’ to divert rainwater.

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