Devers Substation

North Palm Springs, CA

Devers Substation

Southern California Edison
  • Remove and replace two (2) existing 3000A, 220kV circuit breakers, with new 4000A, 220kV, 63kA, SF gas-type CBs.
  • Remove and replace two (2) existing 2000A with 4000A rated disconnect switches.
  • Relocate two (2) existing TRVs and provide two (2), install bus supports on existing TRV foundations.
  • Replace two (2) sets of suspension mounted coupling capacitor voltage transformer (CCVT) with pedestal mounted triple secondary winding type, replace six (6) foundations and provide six (6) new tie down structures.
  • Remove three (3) suspension mounted CCVTs and three (3) pedestal mounted TRVs, replace TRVs with 12.5 pF rated CCVTs with new pedestals, replace three (3) riser tie downs with new counterweight type tie down.

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