Beverly Substation

Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Substation

Southern California Edison
16kV, 66kV
  • New MEER (Battery’s, Charger, AC and DC panels, etc.)
  • New RTU/PLC.
  • New DC interface 19” rack.
  • New Annunciator 19” rack.
  • New Alarm interface panel.
  • Install, set and test new Relays for the NO.4, NO.5 and NO.6 Banks 66/16kV.
  • Install, set and test new Relays for four (4) 16kV Capacitor Banks, two (2) 16kV Bus Diff’s and one (1) Test Group Relay.
  • Install, set and test new Relays for sixteen (16) 16kV Line Positions with Bus Pot selector relays.
  • Install one (1) new 16kv Line Position 1X.
  • New three (3) SP AC panels and two (2) DP panels, cutover SL&P.
  • Replace fifteen (15) 16kV CB’s.
  • Replace four (4) sets of 16kV Bus PT’s.
  • Test ground grid for all new equipment.
  • Test BCT’s and change CT ratios on three (3) 66kV Bank CB’s.
  • Test all new cables. (New homeruns to all 16kV CB’s and 66kV Bank CB’s)
  • Demo of all old Relays and relay panels.
  • Demo of existing cables in all cable trenches.
  • Compile all new and existing prints for one (1) Station set.

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