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Project description

Customer: Southern California Edison
Date: 2/15/2012 – 4/6/2012
Load: 12kV


  • Install new Human Interface Rack (HMI).
  • Remove existing obsolete HMI/PLC cabinet.
  • Replace three (3) existing compact Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) with new Quantum PLCs.
  • Upgrade existing SAS elementary diagrams and rack wiring per latest SAS standards.
  • Install LSR Auto/Solid switch for the existing 66kV HCB relays.
  • Replace PLC annunciator alarm splitting diodes with auxiliary relays.
  • Prepare the necessary programming for the substation’s automatic response to pre-defined conditions.
  • Using a software simulator, verify the proper operation of this program.
  • Replace 66kV Bus Tie GCX and JBCG relays with SEL-311C relays.

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